Join Us in Town Square

In 2022, Tasting Australia presented by RAA Travel will be held from 29 April—8 May. Ten days and two big weekends with events across metropolitan Adelaide and regional South Australia. Situated in the heart of the CBD, Tasting Australia’s free festival hub Town Square attracted over 53,000 people in 2021, and still the public appetite for authentic, delicious food is unwavering.

Tasting Australia invites local restaurants, caterers and food purveyors to apply to be part of Town Square in 2022, to offer the festival’s discerning and ravenous guests new, exciting and moreish morsels.

In 2022, Tasting Australia will continue to evolve Town Square, offering a selection of unique culinary options to festivalgoers. We are asking you, the vendors who are the prominent face of the hub of the festival to push yourselves by putting the absolute best on offer showcasing the best of South Australian produce.

Applications will be assessed to get the best mix of offerings. And we are here to offer guidance and answer any questions that you may have.

Thanks again for your interest and we look forward to seeing what amazing offerings you present to us!

Read more about being a Town Square Vendor in our Information Booklet.


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Benefits for Town Square Vendors

Tasting Australia is a platform to showcase your product to a highly engaged and hungry audience – draw on the authority and industry respect the Tasting Australia brand has built over 20+ years; this is your chance to take part.

Benefits for vendors include:

  • Access to a national and international, captive food and beverage-loving audience
  • Opportunity to collaborate with other businesses
  • Inclusion in the Tasting Australia 2021 printed program
  • Inclusion on the Tasting Australia website, e-newsletter, social media channels
  • Inbound interstate and international media
  • Dedicated contact person

View the full list of benefits in the Town Square Vendor Information Booklet.

Application Information

We are looking for our Town Square Vendors to showcase incredible South Australian produce.

We want to thrust iconic produce and local heroes into the spotlight. And with your unique style and cooking skills added to these hero ingredients, our patrons will enjoy a truly South Australian experience and receive the very best public catering experience of any festival in Australia.

The quality of your menu items should reflect the standard of the Town Square Kitchen (Tasting Australia’s flagship dining experience) but in fast, accessible, great value propositions. The public food offering must celebrate the festival’s key themes of people, produce and place.

Show us some theatre!

We unequivocally see guests drawn to caterers with amazing contraptions and theatre. Show our patrons exactly how your food is made! The cooking and assembly of your dishes should be on proud display, creating a feast for the senses and whetting the appetite for more.

Read our Town Square Vendor Information Booklet for more information, suggestions and thought starts around being part of Town Square.

Get Involved

Before submitting your Town Square Vendor application, ensure you have read our Town Square Vendor Information Booklet. The Town Square Vendor Information Booklet details (among other things):

  • The benefits of being part of Town Square
  • Information on how applications are assessed
  • Produce guidelines
  • Some "theatre" and cuisine thought starters
  • Town Square hours of operation

You must also read and familiarise yourself with our Town Square Vendor Manual.

Submit an Application

Once you have familiarised yourself with our Town Square Vendor Information Booklet and Town Square Vendor Manual, you can submit your Town Square Vendor application here.

Applications close 13 December 2021.

If you have any questions related to your application, please contact us at [email protected].