Gin Times

27 Mar 2020
6.30pm - 10pm
Price from $131
My Kingdom For A Horse
191-195 Wright Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000
Emily Raven
[email protected]


Fancy dinner with a side of debauchery? Gin Times will chart the spirit’s turbulent history during a sumptuous meal with matched drinks.

This Tasting Australia event will take place at award-winning city café My Kingdom for a Horse. It’s a collaboration between the venue’s owner, gastronomer Emily Raven, local spice trader Jackie Singh and Sarah Lark of Kangaroo Island Spirits. Settle in for a history lesson that’s anything but dry: the trio will each present stories covering the rise of gin and its global appeal. You’ll hear about the early Dutch iterations of the spirit, Great Britain’s Gin Craze during the first half of the 18th century and even how gin and tonics turned medicinal, fighting malaria symptoms across India. Each course will capture a moment in time and be paired with a gin-based drink, with fresh-roasted coffee to finish. Kangaroo Island Spirits has seven gins in its range, including the multi-award-winning Wild Gin made using foraged native juniper. Come ready to learn in the most delicious way as three dynamos of the South Australian food and beverage scene delve into this fascinating subject.


From $131