L Plates: Where's Rhonda?

01 May 2021
1.00pm - 4.00pm
TAFE SA Regency International Centre
137 Days Road, Regency Park, SA, 5010
Rosanna McDonald
(08) 8348 2446


Want to learn how to make pasta from scratch, fold dumplings or make amazing sourdough like the artisan bakers do? Join Tasting Australia, The Advertiser and TAFE SA’s ever popular L Plates cooking series, featuring some of the state’s best known chefs.

Balinese charcoal cooking with Chef Jamie Steele, Restaurant Aurora, LIGHT ADL

Crack a Bintang and bring out your inner Ketut. Jamie will draw from his time spent on this Island of the Gods to transport your palate to Jimbaran Bay in Bali. Learn how to grill whole fish over coals (Ikan Bakar) and traditional chicken satay (Sate Ayam). Both will be served with Sambal Matah, a raw Balinese sambal and yellow rice (Nasi Kunning). He will also spend a little bit of time discussing sustainable seafood and Fair Fish SA.

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