Pruner's Lunch at Kay Brothers

18 Jul 2021
Kay Brothers Amery Wines
57 Kays Road, McLaren Vale, South Australia, 5171
Kay Brothers Cellar Door
08 8323 8211


Winter in the vineyard is all about pruning - giving vines the very best chance of producing exceptional fruit in the year ahead. It's tough work: misty, early mornings, cold hands and wet socks... but thankfully plenty of laughs too.

It's this wonderful spirit of camaraderie and connection to nature that Kay Brothers is celebrating with the Pruner's Lunch. Winemaker Duncan Kennedy will give guests a unique insight into a vine's life cycle and how it ultimately shapes the wine we drink - all in a vineyard run by the same family that planted it in 1892. You won't just watch, instead grabbing the secateurs yourself to prepare a vine for the coming year's growth and grape production.

What could be better after all that learning than sharing a delicious feast? Enter McLaren Vale chef Todd Steele. He'll commandeer the spit, roasting over slow-burning vine cuttings and serving the sumptuous results alongside platters of fresh local produce and Kay Brothers wines from the very vineyard you pruned.

Ready to get to work? Make your way to McLaren Vale for a day of pruning and feasting.

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