Hideki Ii, (born 1976, Tokyo, Japan), is a Japanese chef recognized for reinterpretation of Japanese traditional charcoal-grilled food. His recipes are characterized by distinctly Japan locally sourced ingredients.

Hideki Ii's career involved a move from restaurants in Japan to becoming the sous-chef at starred Japanese restaurant Tetsuyaʼs in Sydney, owned by Tetsuya Wakuda, which was awarded 4th place on the 50 Best Restaurants in the World list for 2004. After his stint at Tetsuya, he got involved with the 35th G8 Summit in 2009 at the official residence of the U.N. Ambassador in New York, working as the consulate chef.

After retirement as consulate chef, Hideki Ii opened the Japanese restaurant Shirosaka in the area of Tokyo, overlooking the traditional old samurai resistance distinct on Akasaka.