07 Apr 2019

She's the co-head chef and owner of Fico Restaurant in Hobart and in 2019 Federica Andrisani is cooking up a storm at Tasting Australia.

Established in 2016, Fico combines the European heritage of both Federica and Oskar, showcasing their personalities and sense of culture through their dishes. 

Inspired by their respective backgrounds in fine dining establishments, Fico is a neo bistro blurring the lines between fine dining and a traditional bistro... they call it fun dining.

We spoke to Federica ahead of her visit to South Australia for the festival to find out what she's most looking forward to. 

What are you most looking forward to at Tasting Australia?

It will be my first time in Adelaide and I love to travel so I can't wait to check out the city and its produce. I also always jump at the chance to meet and work with new people and am really looking forward to this.

Who on the Tasting Australia program are you most excited to meet?  

I am really looking forward to meeting Jock [Zonfrillo]. I have read a lot about the work he has done with Indigenous Australians. Having studied anthropology tradition and history in food is very important to me.

What are your impressions of Adelaide and South Australia? 

I have heard Adelaide is the food bowl of Australia. I am also very interested in the wine coming out of South Australia.

What’s the first dish you ever cooked? 

The first dish I made was crepe suzettes when I was about 9 years old and I used to cook them for my parents on Sunday mornings.

What’s the one ingredient you couldn’t live without? 

I couldn't leave without fig leaves; I love the aroma! The first dish I cooked with my partner was with fig leafs (from here the name of our restaurant). We make ice cream, oil, cook the fish rap in fig leafs, make cheese and risotto.

What’s your favourite kitchen tool and why? 

My favourite kitchen tool is the long tongs - the one for plating the pasta. They are like extension of my arm when I cook.

If you could have anything in the world for your last meal, what would it be? 

For sure on my last meal I want to eat mozzarella di bufala - the one from Campania, my region in Italy. Only there I can find the real mozzarella.