15 Mar 2019

With Tasting Australia just three weeks away, we took five with event beverage director Nick Stock to chat all things drinks.

“I’m really excited about this year’s festival! Without a doubt, Tasting Australia has the most diverse and highest quality wine and drinks offering across the Australian food and wine festival landscape and probably well beyond our shores,” said Nick Stock, one of the country’s most respected and prolific wine critics.

When Stock isn’t writing about, judging or teaching all things wine, he’s the Beverage Director of our 10-day eating and drinking festival.

“I’m super proud and really honoured to be the first ever Beverage Director of Tasting Australia,” he said.

This year, Stock has been working meticulously with Festival Director Simon Bryant and Programming Director Jock Zonfrillo, as well as our beverage partner East End Cellars, to provide an extensive showcase of the best beer, wine and spirits from around the country and the world. 

From collaborating on the extensive list of East End Cellars Masterclasses to perfectly pairing every dish in the Glasshouse Kitchen with an impeccable drop and assisting with the choices of wine on offer in Town Square, Tasting Australia Airlines and more, every bottle poured has been carefully selected.

“Unlike ever before, we’re really celebrating that Adelaide is the wine capital of the country and one of the world’s Great Wine Capitals,” he said.

“We’ve done this to really reflect what is inherently such a big part of the heart and soul of South Australia which is the wine industry we have here, along with the brewing and distilling industries.”

“Great drinks are such a huge part of our heritage and our identity, so it makes sense that they’re a huge part of the festival."

Stock is particularly excited to highlight just how special South Australian beverages can be through events like the Tasting Australia Spirit Awards presented by MasterCask where you can try a tipple that’s just been awarded gold.

And we can’t forget the likes of Due Volte dinner at Yalumba in the unique underground Wine Tanks, and the Great Henschke Vintage Dinner where you’ll taste rare vintages of the revered Hill of Grace as well as be the first to taste the 2019 vintage in the making, five years before it’s released!

“I guess the festival will remind everyone who lives here just how special what we have around us is, as well as giving everyone else the opportunity to come taste it firsthand as we put our best drinks up against the best from around the world,” Stock said.

“We’re really showing that, from a global perspective, we have some special things right here in South Australia.”