21 Apr 2021

Veneziano Coffee Roasters will be serving up one of the world’s rarest coffees – the Pinnacle Series 02 – this year in Town Square.

The Pinnacle Series 02 is Veneziano Coffee Roasters new selection of ultra-premium coffees which showcase and celebrate the highest achievement in quality coffee. 

Known in the coffee world as ‘The Grange of coffees’ the Pinnacle Series 02 is rare, elusive and usually only experienced by champion baristas and judges from the World Barista Championship.

Pinnacle Series 02 range includes three exotic coffees drawing on unique flavour profiles – Panama Finca Caballero, Colombia Potosi and Colombia Cerro Azul.

The Pinnacle Series 02, Veneziano Coffee Roaster The Pinnacle Series 02, Veneziano Coffee Roaster

Guests of Veneziano’s Coffee Sensory Experience event at this year’s Tasting Australia presented by RAA Travel will dive deep into the world of coffee through a next-level sensory experience set to change the way you view this daily essential. The session will be led by Pete Licata, former World Barista Champion and Research and Development Consultant for Veneziano Coffee Roasters.

Throughout the 10-day festival, Veneziano will be serving up freshly brewed coffee in Town Square to satisfy that caffeine craving. The coffee menu will include their best-selling Crave & Soar coffee blends and seasonal microlots from the exciting and emerging coffee region, Timor-Leste. Their Pinnacle Series 02 will also be available to purchase in take home packs, giving you the chance to try this exclusive coffee at home.

To learn more about the Veneziano Coffee Sensory Experience event, click here.