Costardi Brothers

Bringing risotto into the spotlight.

Brothers Christian and Manuel Costardi followed the footsteps of their grandfather to Hotel Cinzia in Vercelli (west of Milan) where they thrust an Italian favourite – risotto – firmly into the spotlight. Where once only pasta and pizza had been before, the Costardi brothers transformed the Piedmontese dish, and their risotteria, Ristorante Christian e Manuel, into an icon when they were awarded their first Michelin star in 2009.

Their four tasting menus are named Evolution, Passion, Emotion and Territory showing their insightful approach to food. Today they serve more than 20 different variations of risotto that are all considered ‘edible art’.

Events featuring the Costardi bros.

Glasshouse Kitchen - Comrades | 19 April

Glasshouse Kitchen - The Romans | 22 April

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