Kris and Mitch Lloyd

Cheese gurus of Woodside.

Kris Lloyd is a self-taught Cheese Maker who has headed up Woodside Cheese Wrights at Woodside in the Adelaide Hills for over 17 years. 

Her career as a cheese maker may have started as an accident, but Kris intentionally pioneered her way to produce a range of seasonal cheeses, specialising in goat, cow and buffalo cheeses. 

With the support of a dedicated team and a protégé in her son Mitch Lloyd, Kris produces fresh, white mould and matured cheeses using the seasonal variations in local milk supply to her advantage.

Known as the Queen of the moulds, Kris Lloyd has won numerous cheese awards throughout Australia and Overseas. 

In 2016, as one of 16 Super Jury members of the renowned World Cheese Awards held in San Sebastien, Kris had to step down from her position as her Woodside Cheese Wrights Anthill cheese was judged and awarded a Supergold medal. 

Her Anthill cheese - a creamy goat cheese covered in native green ants amazed judges and came in at number 11 in the world. 

Lloyds Foragers Feast, a triple cream washed rind cheese stuffed with Adelaide Hills Porcini mushrooms picked up a Supergold in London at the 2017 World Cheese Awards where over 3000 cheeses were entered. 

The Lloyds were the only Australian cheese makers to receive a Supergold medal in these awards. 

Events featuring the Lloyds coming soon

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