Manoella Buffara

My passion for cooking began with my father and my family. I am from the countryside, I was raised around goats, cows, vegetable gardens, cornfields and many other things, with my father I learned to value land and animals, as well as everything they have to offer when treated with affection. With my grandmother, I learned how important our hands are, to discover temperatures, cooking points, time to make bread and the love we should have for food.

So my career was taking shape, conquering and building the Manu kitchen.

To show the apron worthily, one must know how to wait and let things sometimes develop on their own, without our selfish control. Each ingredient has its cooking time and its individuality.

Cooking is respecting the time of things. Each meal requires a dress, a face, a tradition.

From the three-digit dish set up in the acclaimed restaurant to the street snack and the questionable plaque of simple corner bar, every food has its time and place. So behave in front of one of them.

Food is the essential component of good health. It perpetuates traditions, brings us back to childhood and calms our little hearts. Like everything else in life, there are days of detox, juice, soup and green tea as well as days of allowances, abundance and bonanza.

Still, if we look well, all food and all phases of life have their beauty. Allow yourself, at the next meal, to devote your attention to the forks you bring to your mouth. Smell your food, chew it slowly, feel its texture and, if possible, sit down at the table with the person you love. Do not talk about money or politics while you eat. I like those who prefer to comment on wine and spices, or simply enjoy the moment in silence.

No wonder we are the only species that cooks their food. When you realize what you are eating, observe the functions of foods and vitamins, and what your body really needs, it is an evolution to make than you eat your medicine and your pleasure.

Glasshouse Kitchen: Roast

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