Golden Boy in the Garden

Multiple sessions


Indulge in a delectable experience that blends the best of two culinary worlds as you savour a taste of Golden Boy in the heart of the Adelaide Hills.

This adventure at Mandalay House and Garden promises a unique and unforgettable journey through the flavours of Thailand, expertly crafted and delivered by a team renowned for their mastery of the nation’s cuisine.

Nestled in the serene and lush landscape of the Adelaide Hills, it also offers a refreshing change of scenery from bustling city life. The venue itself exudes a charming and rustic ambiance, providing the perfect backdrop for a memorable meal.

As you step into the inviting atmosphere of this gastronomic haven, you’ll be welcomed by the tantalizing aroma of Thai spices and herbs. Your specialty lunch menu is a carefully curated selection of dishes that showcase the culinary excellence and creativity of the team behind Golden Boy. Each plate is set to be a work of art, combining traditional Thai recipes with a modern twist. Expect a symphony of flavours that dance on your tastebuds.

Fine Adelaide Hills wine will complement the meal, enhancing the flavours of your Thai feast and adding another layer of authenticity to the experience. 


  • Food: 4-course lunch
  • Beverages: paired wine with each course


This event can cater to vegetarian, vegan and coeliac dietary requirements. For any other requirements please contact the event organiser prior to purchasing.

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From $275 to $275