Masterclass – Beers from Here, Beers from Far

Sat 4th May 2024 at 12:00 PM


Love a brew? Us too! Settle in for beers you simply have to try. South Australian standouts – some flying under the radar – will be joined by finds from further afield.  

Hosting the session: Briony Liebich, local beer expert, educator and judge. She’ll chat with brewers Ashley Huntington, Tom O’Reilly and Tim Kenny about differing beer style and the leaps and bounds made in recent years.  

Huntington founded Tasmania’s Two Metre Tall brewery, which features a range of spontaneously fermented ales. He arrived in the Derwent Valley intent on making wine, but was soon captivated by the potential for craft beer.  

Loophole Brewing – where O’Reilly works as head brewer – is found at Cape Jaffa on South Australia’s Limestone Coast. Its core range of six beers is joined by monthly small-batch brews, with everything from IPAs and hazy pales to sours on offer.    

Kenny, meanwhile, is based at Port Adelaide favourite Pirate Life, founded almost 10 years ago and today among the state’s most beloved beer brands.  

It’s always worth chatting about great brews, and never more than with these three minds at the table.   


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