Tasting Table – Vintage & Life

Fri 3rd May 2024 at 4:00 PM


Great wine is made in the vineyard. No doubt – but maybe it also emerges from life. Do our brightest moments, and those filed under character-building, find their way into the glass? Basket Range winemaker Alex Schulkin and his wife Galit Shachaf will ponder the question.

Summertown in the Adelaide Hills is home to Alex and his wife Galit. Their artisan label The Other Right is focused on crafting wines that are precise, pure and exciting – wines made using natural methods and without preservatives. Together they are champions of the lo-fi scene, advocating for sustainable practices while making a cult range snapped up soon after each release.

Join Alex and Galit at the chic Leigh Street Wine Room to consider how unforgettable wines emerge and have an intimate conversation about the influence of a winemaker’s personal experiences on the finished product.

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