Limited tickets now available! TA Local Events 2020

Although Tasting Australia won’t run as a festival, some smaller events which were part of the original 2020 program and held at established venues will go ahead, within Government guidelines and with the support of the Tasting Australia team as part of the Tasting Australia Local program.

We’ve got a limited number of tickets now available! Discover what events you can attend below.

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Tasting Australia Airlines

Tasting Australia Airlines

South Australia is ready to put on a show: taste celebrated wines among the very vines that produced them; relax before sun-drenched vistas as renowned chefs present their pick of local produce. Seafood caught fresh that morning, olives from a nearby grove, vegetables just scrubbed of their dirt. Be where time doesn’t matter.

Tasting Australia - Glass house kitchen


The best talent. The freshest produce. The one-night-only excitement a meal.

Each Glasshouse Kitchen is an homage to the lead chef’s tribe, and to the simple truth that we never excel in isolation. These joyful collaborations will deliver sublime dining experiences.