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Settler's Spirit - A brand of innovation and adventure

14 April - by Emily Mantilla.

Words by Emily Mantilla.

Traditional wine making approaches, combined with innovation and adventure, have merged to offer a bespoke gin range branded Settler’s Spirit

Tasting Australia festival-goers have the pleasure of trying these exciting, new gin flavour combinations at the Town Square site.

Settler’s Spirit is the brainchild of Rowland and Shelley Short, who envisioned the idea of creating “a new spin on gin,” to supplement their already successful McLaren Vale wine label Maximus. 

The inspiration for the Settler’s Spirit gin range was conceived from a 12-metre yacht deck whilst Rowland and Shelley were on a three-year South Pacific sailing voyage.  

It reignited the couple’s love for gin, which they found to be perfect in warm weather. 

Shelley says Settler’s Spirit pays tribute to South Australia’s colonial history, underlining the couple’s fierce pride in being South Australians.  

Settler’s Spirit was initially launched to market with two gins in the range – oak-matured and a rare dry gin. 

From there, Rowland’s creativity flourished, as he launched a raspberry gin, mandarin-flavoured gin and a breakfast-themed gin, which has flavours of earl grey tea, lemon and honey.

Rowland and Shelley have also collaborated with Woodside Cheese Wrights to create a “G&C” which incorporates the Settler’s Spirit old time gin into cheddar.  

Shelley describes it as “elegant and subtle.”

The couple also produce vodka, rum and liquors.  Their most popular liquor combines locally roasted coffee to create what they describe as, “an espresso martini in a bottle”.

Whilse many may think of gin as being a tipple suitable only for the warmer months, the couple will challenge that perception by releasing a winter gin in June, to coincide with World Gin Day. 

The couple also have a whiskey in their sights, to add to their growing spirit collection.

This passionate couple, who have the biggest range of spirits of any distillery in South Australia, have their wares on show at the East End Cellars stall in Town Square throughout Tasting Australia.

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