Tasting Australia's Superette

April 15 - Jo Russell-Clarke

Justin Harman received an email one day that mentioned the Tasting Australia Superette. He asked festival director Simon Bryant if that was him and, yes, it was. The Superette, a mini-supermarket with some of the best foods and kitchen-related paraphernalia that South Australia has to offer, was Simon’s big idea for a new festival feature, and Justin was going to deliver it.

After two previous years at Tasting Australia presenting Kangaroo Island produce, Justin had suggested to Simon that they broaden the offerings and include some of the state’s other superior produce. Along with Kangaroo Island Olives from Michael Esposito, Kangaroo Island Living Honey, sticky fig syrup and more from The Figgery, and coffee from Kangaroo Island Roasters, the new Superette tent also has health and beauty products, wine and spirits – and much more than before.

The sheltered warmth of the bright white Superette tent beckons as you enter Tasting Australia’s Town Square, styled by Jeff Cobham in black, white, silver and red, with the Superette entrance decorations and interior chandeliers made of cheerful red plastic shopping baskets.

Featuring produce that is also used in the Glasshouse Kitchens, Justin and Jane Harman are genuinely excited explaining what’s on offer in the Superette, and a rotation of producers are on hand with samples and further information. Shane Leahy of Kangaroo Island Fresh Garlic doesn’t have to try hard to convince tasters of the quality of his garlic, thankfully solving the problem of where to get local bulbs and products such as his flavoured salt.

A fridge of vacuum-packed seafood, meats and smallgoods from suppliers including KI’s Southrock Lamb sits modestly in a corner. If you neglect it, you will miss the gorgeous packaging of Ferguson Australia enfolding lobster, scallops, redfish, whiting and other seafood. Shelves are neatly stacked with pantry essentials including pulses from Simon Bryant’s Dirt(y) Inc. There are hampers if you cannot decide, or, if you want to treat yourself, do look closely at the Dogboy Knives, beautifully hand-made from recycled materials. There is equally seductive glass and other tableware from The Jam Factory.

Justin can make you a coffee to help your leisurely browse at the Superette. It will introduce you to some of the excitements that lay beyond in Town Square. Alternatively, it can round off your visit by supplying an armful of yummy goods to take home - to feed your inspiration and your family.

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