31 Mar 2020

Maxwell Wines

McLaren Vale butcher Ellis Butchers, winemaker Mark Maxwell and Maxwell's head chef Fabian Lehmann have come together with new sustainable locavore home delivery service in answer to COVID-19.

A mixed box of meats with each selection containing a couple of specially selected Maxwell wines can be pre-ordered and purchased online, then collected by drive-through at the McLaren Vale butchery. Alternatively, a home delivery service is in the works which will bring fresh, premium meat and wine straight to your door in phase 2 of this collaboration.

In phase 1 the boxes can be pre-ordered and purchased online then collected by drive-through at the McLaren Vale butchery.

In phase 2 the boxes will be available for home delivery.

In phase 3 the boxes will contain locally grown vegetables and prepared stocks and sauces to create dishes designed by the talented Maxwell chefs.

Boxes contain a variety of different locally sourced meats in different sized packs and for different occasions.

A couples’ pack for five days, a family pack for four days, a BBQ pack for two or for people and BBQ and Prime Cut packs.

A perfect way to enjoy local produce with minimal food miles and to support local businesses who employ local people.

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