Kuti Shack

South Australia’s best seafood is headed to Town Square. Pipis, prawns, oysters, kingfish and tuna will star in everything from sashimi to a cheeseburger.



Kin Southern Bluefin Tuna Cheeseburger — $25

Port Lincoln Kin bluefin tuna cheeseburger with cheese, pickles and Kuti special sauce on a nanna bun, served with shoestring fries.

Spencer Gulf Kingfish Sashimi — $21

Spencer Gulf Kingfish Sashimi with finger lime, sesame, soy & mayo. Dairy free, gluten free.

Goolwa Kuti (Pipis) — $20

Sustainably hand harvested Goolwa Pipis (Kuti) wok tossed in chilli jam, lemongrass and butter. Gluten free.

Coffin Bay Gazander Oysters — $5 each, 5 for $25, 12 for $45

Coffin Bay Gazander Oysters, straight from the coast and hand shucked in Town Square.

Fish & Chips — $28

Tempura Coorong mullet, with shoestring fries, lemon, tartare. Dairy free.

Prawn Roll — $26

Kuti Shack SA King Prawn cocktail, served in a bun.

Spencer Gulf Kingfish Wings & Belly — $22

Crispy fried Spencer Gulf Kingfish or Coorong Mulloway wings & belly, served with chilli caramel glaze. Gluten free.

Salt & Pepper Eggplant — $20

Salt and Pepper Eggplant with chilli caramel glaze, peanut and mint. Gluten free, dairy free, vegan.

Coorong Carp & Spring Roll — $10

XO Coorong carp & veg spring roll w/ noch cham dipper. Dairy free.