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SAVE ON WASTE. Tasting Australia presented by RAA Travel is more sustainable than ever.

This year, Town Square patrons have the option to have their dishes served on a reusable enamel Tasting Australia plate for a fully refundable deposit of $5.

This eco-friendly alternative to disposable will help to reduce waste, supports environmental awareness, and can be kept as a special festival memento.

Simply let the participating* Town Square vendor know you would like your dish served on an enamel plate and pay a $5 deposit. When you have finished your meal, you can:

  • SWAP your plate for a clean one at The Fork Concierge to take home
  • KEEP your plate to take home
  • RECYCLE the plate by placing it in the designated bins
  • REFUND the plate cost by returning it to the Food Vendor you purchased it from

Please note, all disposable plates used in Town Square are recyclable or compostable.

*Sunny’s Pizza, Shibui, Gelista and PHAT Head are not able to serve their dishes using the enamel plate system.