From Blammo x Mould Farmer

This uniquely South Australian collab is all about the power of fermentation to foster incredible flavour.

Red Amazake Chicken— $18

Marinated Chicken, cooked over charcoal with pickled daikon, grilled greens, served with fresh slaw and fermented chilli sauce.

Tempeh Burger— $18

Freshly grown tempeh, fried with chow chow pickle, Carribean Slaw and fermented chilli. Served with side of fries.


Fire Roasted Mushrooms—$18

Adelaide hills mushrooms w/ mushroom shoyu, celeriac remoulade and roasted hills chestnuts.

—Vegetarian, Gluten Free

Fries— $10

Skin on fries seasoned with dehydrated vegetable garum with chilli-koji mayonnaise.

—Gluten Free

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