Savour a modern spin on one of history’s most enduring desserts. These Greek donuts are golden and crispy on the outside while always soft and fluffy on the inside.



Cinnamon Sugar - $13.50
Rolled in cinnamon sugar

Dangerously Dark - $13.50
Topped with dark chocolate and crushed pistachios

Golden Gaytime - $16.50
Topped with milk chocolate, biscuit crumbs and Golden Gaytime gelato

Kinder Surprise - $13.50
Topped with milk chocolate and white chocolate

Nutella Dream - $13.50
Topped with melted Nutella and crushed biscuit

Nuts n Nutella - $16.50
Topped with Nutella, Peanut Butter, crushed peanuts and Nutella Gelato

Oreo Crumble - $13.50
Topped with white chocolate and crushed Oreos

Original Greek - $13.50
Soaked in honey and topped with cinnamon

Snickers - $16.50
Melted milk chocolate, caramel sauce, crushed peanuts and Snickers gelato


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