Ragi's Spice Kitchen 89

Honest, delicious and best enjoyed with all five senses! Turn up the heat with an impressive selection of Indian dishes that put a modern spin on the classics.



Charcoal Chicken Tikka & Tandoori Naan Bread - $18
Marinated in Ragi's family spice recipes, served with pickles and naan bread

Naanchos - $22
Hot and toasted crispy naan bread covered in an almond creamy butter chicken sauce and topped with cheddar and Kris Lloyd Buff curd

Ragi's South Australian Tasting Curry Bowl - $25
A selection of curries made from South Australian producers, friends and family (including Ragi's garden) cooked over coals

Ragi's South Australian Vegan Tasting Curry Bowl - $20
A representative of all things vegetables and spice, curries and dry wok dishes served with Ragini's spice rice

Vegetable Samosa - $6.50
Hand crafted potato and veggie samosa, served with Ragi's "magic" fruit & citrus chutney

Butter Chicken Dagwood Dog - $10
Vegan eggplant option also available
A butter chicken snag dipped in KI chickpea flower & corn batter finished in a rich almond butter chicken sauce

Almond Roasted Butter Chicken with Ragini's Spice Rice - $20
Charcoal roasted tandoori chicken tikka finished in a rich almond fresh tomato fenugreek sauce

Dirt(y) Disco Dal with Ragini's Spice Rice - $15
A selection of Dirt(y) lentils slow cooked with Ragi's spice blends & finished with crispy onion & cumin tempering


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