Ragini's Spice

Turn up the heat with an impressive selection of Indian dishes that put a modern spin on classic recipes.

Vegetable Samosa— $6.50

Vegetable Samosas made on site watch how it’s done!

Enjoy with our chutney sourced from fruit from the Adelaide Hills and the Riverland.

— Vegan

Tikka & Naan— $18

Chicken Tikka with Ragi's Magic Chutney and pickled red onion. Served with Naan bread.


Crispy Chopped Naan Bread, topped with a creamy almond, fenugreek tomato sauce. With a choice of Butter Chicken or Dirt(y) Disco Lentils, Ragi's Curry. and finished with a fabulous combination of woodside cheeses.

Ragi's Spice Cauldron Curry Plate—$25

Changing by the moment, cooked over hot coals in big pots, Real South Australian Produce by our mates. Including Dairy Man Barossa, Najobe Meats, St Bernard Fruit and Veg, Barossa Fine Foods, and Dirt(y). Served with Ragini's Spice Basmati Rice.

—Gluten Free

Ragi's Spice Cauldron Vegan Curry Plate— $22

Served with Ragini's Spice Basmati Rice.

—Gluten Free, Vegan

Charcoal Roasted Almond Butter Chicken— $20

Served with Ragini's Spice Basmati Rice.

Buttergnoc— $22

Charcoal Roasted Butter Chicken served with fresh cooked Gnocci or served with Vegan butter Chicken sauce.


Dirt(y) Disco Lentils— $18

Served with Ragini's Spice Basmati Rice.

Mango & Hemp Lassi— $6

Ragi's Turmeric & Ginger Lemonade— $8

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