Shibui Dessert Bar

Treat yourself to a Shibui soft serve: amazing on its own or paired with panna cotta, donuts or chocolate lava cake.

Soft Serve— $7

—Raspberry Candy (Red Ripperz)
—Apricot (vegan)
—Miso Caramel

Fairy Floss on a stick—

—Small $6
—Big $10

Mochi Donuts—

Served with condensed milk and powdered sugar
—3 for $9
—6 for $15

—Gluten Free

Mochi Donut Sundae— $15

3 Mochi Donuts with your choice of soft serve and sprinkles.

—Gluten Free

Menz Fruchocs Panna Cotta—$15

Dark chocolate panna cotta served with crushed Fruchocs, apricot gel, chocolate & apricot swirled soft serve.

—Gluten Free

Banana Miso Caramel— $14

Banana cake served with caramel popcorn and miso caramel soft serve. 

Dark Chocolate Lava Cake— $15

Dark chocolate lave cake served with vanilla soft serve, salted chocolate fudge sauce, honeycomb & freeze-dried raspberries.

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