FINO Italian Feast with Marco Pierre White

Date: 30 April      
Location: Cellar 6, Seppeltsfield Wine Estate , Seppeltsfield

Born to an English father and Italian mother, legendary UK chef Marco Pierre White will return to his maternal roots for this plentiful feast of fine Mediterranean fare. Marco Pierre White is the youngest ever chef to be awarded three Michelin stars, which he received at age 33. He was also the first British chef to be bestowed the honour.

Marco joins the formidable team from FINO at Seppeltsfield, chef David Swain and front of house dynamo Sharon Romeo, who will welcome you into their Barossa. Bringing all the essential threads of a classic Italian feast together for your enjoyment will also be:

Owen Andrews, Seppeltsfield Events

Mitch Orr, ACME (Sydney)

Jock Zonfrillo, Restaurant Orana

Matteo Carboni, Casa Carboni

This unforgettable family-style dinner will bring together story-telling and cuisine from one of the world’s original culinary heavyweights. Set among the heritage-listed estate of Seppeltsfield, FINO Italian Feast with Marco Pierre White is sure to bring fire and flavour to your palette unlike anything before it.

This is a convivial long-table event in an Italian sharing style.

Marco, the master who mentored Heston Blumenthal and Gordon Ramsay, expects perfection – you should too.

Join Marco at the trattoria table – elbows welcome.


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