East End Cellars Masterclass: Food Culture of Beer

Date: 3 May      
Location: Town Square , Adelaide

Treat your senses to a tantalising feast, combined with world class beers and mixed with a dash of beer education. Hosted by Matt King (The Craft Beer King), an Adelaide based beer blogger, East End Cellars presents a ‘Masterclass: Food Culture of Beer’.

Your dining experience includes four courses of food from differing cuisines; an American style BBQ from Coal at the Hilton Hotel, a silky smooth Indian curry from Regini Dey, a firey Argentinian chargrill from La Boca and an aromatic Asian masterpiece from Sean’s Kitchen. The beer comes from four rock star breweries in Pirate Life, Mismatch, Big Shed and Hawkers. Between courses, about the history of food and beer from each of the different cultures; giving a snapshot on how beer came to be around the world.

Pencil in the date, Wednesday 3 May 2017, for a taste sensation that is sure to tingle the taste buds and send your five senses into overload. With a load of great food, beer and few hidden surprises, why wait, book now. 


- Mismatch
- Pirate Life
- Big Shed
- Hawkers


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