Filthiest Martini - South Australian Producer Session

Date: 6 May      
Location: Adina Apartment Hotel Adelaide Treasury , Adelaide

Olsson’s SA Producer Sessions showcases a delicious program of South Australian producers as they demonstrate their craft and share their trade secrets. These sessions will provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet and learn from the artisans themselves, second only to being personally invited into their workshops and kitchens. Located at the historic Cabinet Room of the Adina Apartment Hotel Adelaide Treasury, these intimate sessions aim to educate and engage Tasting Australia’s guests with workshops and delicious cooking demonstrations. Sessions will be interactive requiring a “get your hands dirty” level of audience participation.  

Filthiest Martini | Saturday 6 May | Sunday 7 May | 1.30pm
The Dirty Martini is a classic that is a simple and popular variation of the original Martini. The dirty part comes from the use of olive juice (the salty brine) and can be made as dirty as you like by adjusting the amount of olive juice until the balance is perfect for your taste. We like our Dirty Martinis extra filthy so have collaborated with local superstars Applewood Gin and Coriole Olives who know how to get down and dirty.

Inclusions: Mini martini making kit (375ml cocktail shaker) to take home


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