Tasting Australia Airlines - Mayura Station

Date: 13 April      
Location: Adelaide Airport , Adelaide Airport

Visit the home of world-class Wagyu beef with Tasting Australia Airlines.

Depart Adelaide when you would normally be starting work – but this commute will end in something unusual and exciting.

Just one hour from the city you’ll land in Mount Gambier, and as you travel north west toward the coast, cast your eyes to the horizon where the beauty of open space is unavoidable.

You’ll soon pull up to the gates of Mayura Station; an award-winning Wagyu beef station, renowned for uncompromised quality and truly delicious fare.

Here, industry icon Cheong Liew will be on hand with Mayura owner Scott de Bruin to share with you the secrets of what makes Wagyu so special. At Mayura, their beef offers smooth marbling, balanced but rich earthly flavours and unrivaled juiciness. This is Full-blood, chocolate-fed Wagyu beef with the ultimate wow factor.

Cheong Liew was Adelaide’s last chef to earn the city a Gourmet Traveller Best Restaurant of the Year title before Tasting Australia programming director Jock Zonfrillo returned the trophy for 2018. Liew was the executive chef at The Grange, Hilton Adelaide and alongside his deft skill for fusing cuisines and flavours, the chef was equally lauded for his innovation with Wagyu beef.

Awarded an Order of Australia in 1999 for ‘influencing the style of contemporary Australian cuisine’, Liew continues to amaze and delight diners.

A tour of the property will set the scene for the lavish lunch that follows – the first course will be prepared by Cheong and the entire menu curated by Mayura’s own chef, Mark Wright; the man who knows Wagyu all day every day.

Wines curated by The Australian columnist Nick Ryan will satiate your thirst for more regional flavour and keep the conversation flowing throughout the afternoon.

The flight back to Adelaide CBD will be the perfect opportunity for repose before launching into a night out in the bustling city.

** All dietary requirements for each ticket are required to complete the booking. Please have them ready when finalising your purchase.


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