Highlighting our amazing produce heroes

South Australia has some of the best wild-caught fish, free-range chickens and pigs (and we mean low-density, real free-range), pastured beef, higher welfare sheep, wild goat and kangaroo, stone ground heritage wheat flours, amazing vegetables, fruits and nuts, great oils… the list is endless. 

With your unique style and cooking skills added to these hero ingredients, our patrons will enjoy a truly South Australian experience and receive the very best public catering experience of any festival in Australia.

We proudly use this produce throughout our Tasting Australia managed events and understand it isn't cheap or always easy to source. This is where we can help you via:

  • Introductions to suppliers if needed. Most suppliers are excited to see their product involved in Tasting Australia and if your current business model doesn’t have these networks, we can provide assistance.
  • Media programmes will be in place to help tell the story of vendors supporting local heroes, therefore supporting our economy. It benefits our state and our festival visitors.

We are here to help tell your produce story in menu boards and dish wording.

Produce guidelines

Our patrons specifically visit Town Square for a food and beverage experience. Our food vendors are a huge part of delivering this special part of the festival offering. We’re looking for a quality food offering that it aligns with the festival ethos. Namely, a unique South Australian food experience.

We're looking for vendors to propose a menu that is unique to other festivals in South Australia. Something you cannot experience elsewhere. Should a vendor work on other festivals in the state, we ask them to create a menu that is different to what they serve at other festivals. 

The quality should reflect the standard of the Tasting Australia’s flagship fine dining experience but in fast, accessible, great value propositions. The public food offering must celebrate the festival’s key themes of people, produce and place. Dishes must be easy to eat, stand up, portable and fast to serve.

Please note, many of the festival goers love sharing food! They often buy items from multiple stores so they can try as many items as possible. Keep this in mind when you design your menus.