Alejandro Huerta was born in Mexico in 1985, his biggest passions in life have always been soccer, movies, music and food. Since an early age he found comfort in cooking because every Sunday his grandmother would gather the whole family together and make a feast for them, she always enjoyed cooking and made sure everyone had an amazing time, she was an amazing restauranteur in a way.

His mother learned how to cook from her and always loved doing it, every Christmas and new year she will make the most amazing meals, even friends would order food from her so they could bring it to their own family gatherings.

After choosing to study culinary arts, it was time to learn and work inside an actual kitchen, that’s when he decided to work at Pujol, led by chef Enrique Olvera, there he fell in love with Mexican food created in a different way than he ever saw before. After finishing his studies it was time to find something new and Spain seemed like the best place to grow, there he worked at places like Quique Dacosta, EspaiSucre and Fundacion Alicia. Finally, he decided to do two final stages at Noma and Alinea, after this he finally moved back to Mexico and started exploring and growing.

After a couple years an opportunity to move to Australia came to him and started working at Mexican Society in Adelaide where they won Best Mexican Restaurant in Australia, not long after the guys at Chica Bonita in Sydney hired him as his head chef where he made a name for the business and help them grow into one of the best Mexican places to visit, now he is taking over the kitchen of No. 92, a small wine bar where he wants to showcase all he has learnt over the past years and share a bit of his food philosophy.