Most of you will know Amanda as the author of Lambs’ Ears and Honey, the food and travel blog that is now heading into it’s 12th year.

Despite, or more likely because of, coming from a home not even vaguely known for much culinary expertise or even interest, Amanda turned into a half-way decent cook with a passionate interest in all aspects of food - particularly the stories around where our food comes from.

Turning her attention to the academic side of food, she studied the Le Cordon Bleu Masters in Gastronomy at Adelaide University, and went on to complete the Le Cordon Bleu Graduate Diploma in Advanced Studies in Taste in Paris in 2019, having her thesis examining immigrant food accepted by the University of Reims in 2021.

Amanda has long been a committed champion of local food producers, seeking them out, sharing their stories and singing their praises well before it became ‘a thing’. Her food writing has been published widely.

She’s worked with Tasting Australia, and tourism boards both here in Australia, and internationally, often sharing the food stories of producers that she meets on her travels.

Driven by intense curiosity (and just a bit of nosiness) Amanda has learned from food experiences that stretch from meeting family noodle makers in a jungle village in Cambodia, to wandering through dairy cow sheds in Bulgaria, to sharing a drink with British food celebrities in the swanky bars of Vancouver, and eating in Michelin starred restaurants around the world - and still couldn’t tell you which was her favourite.

She’s never happier than when she’s on a fact-finding mission, and revels in the joy of disappearing down research rabbit holes.