With a culinary career spanning over two decades, the earlier influences in Andrew’s life are manifest in his businesses today. Growing up in Melbourne in a family that was heavily involved in the hospitably industry, Andrew was introduced to growers and producers, the concept of seasonality and respect for ingredients from an early age. Although music was a strong competitor for his attention, it was Andrew’s curiosity and fascination with cooking that tipped the balance and he started a career in the kitchen. 

His professional influences extended past the local terrain to people and their different culinary approaches. Early on, Andrew worked for some of Melbourne’s most respected names – Bill Marchetti and Greg Malouf among them – but it was chef Tansy Good, who he cooked for at her acclaimed restaurant Tansy’s in the 1990s, that marked a distinct turning point in his approach and style of cooking.

In his twenties, Andrew’s desire to travel took him initially to Europe and the US, where he worked as a private chef. Combining his love of music and cooking, clients included artists like Madonna, Whitney and Bobby Brown and Prince.  Travelling and cooking for such clients gifted him an indulgent freedom to discover different markets throughout Europe and beyond. Exploring each new destination allowed Andrew to shop for seasonal local ingredients at their peak and create dishes of his own desire.

On his return journey home to Melbourne, he detoured to Asia and spent five years back in professional kitchens working in Hong Kong and Shanghai and also travelled through Japan.

Andrew opened his first restaurant in Melbourne in 2002 and has been recognised as creating a particularly Melburnian style of dining that is renowned and loved globally. His signature identity which is evident throughout his establishments combines elements of fine and casual dining with meticulously sourced ingredients, precise cooking, flexible menus and sharply designed dining spaces.

His multi-dimensional restaurants are built on an innate understanding of how and when people like to use a restaurant. With all day offerings and diversity in cooking styles, Andrew’s food remains fiercely seasonal and he religiously champions Victorian producers and growers.  

Andrew’s current stable of businesses are a diverse group that speaks of his values, his influences and travels.

  • Cumulus Inc. 
  • Cutler & Co. 
  • Gimlet at Cavendish House 
  • Marion 
  • Supernormal 
  • Builders Arms Hotel 
  • Meatsmith - Specialty Butcher & Wine Store (3 x locations: Fitzroy, St Kilda and Brighton)
  • Morning Market - Bakery & Grocery Store