Briony Liebich is a highly regarded expert for all things sensory based in Adelaide, South Australia. Her passion for quality drinks started in her family’s small Barossa winery. She worked in a few winery laboratories and then became a sensory analyst which suits her love of exploring flavours perfectly.  

Liebich’s love of beer developed while leading the sensory program at West End Brewery for 10 years. Along the way, she has judged the biggest beer competitions in Australia and at World Beer Cup. She is also a certified Cicerone®. A Cicerone is to beer as a sommelier is to wine. Besides beer, Liebich has experience judging wine, cider, spirits and olive oil.   

She runs Flavour Logic, which specialises in sensory analysis consulting, organising and hosting training and events for industry and consumers. Liebich’s focus is to help people better appreciate what’s in their glass.