Bryan Martin is a seasoned professional in the wine industry who embarked on his journey after gaining valuable experience in hospitality, wine retail, food education, and food writing. His expertise was cultivated through studies at Charles Sturt University, where he earned degrees in viticulture and wine science, shaping a career dedicated to the art and science of wine production.

Initially, Martin served as a partner in a contract winemaking venture while developing two vineyards that would later become Ravensworth. His journey led him to the role of assistant winemaker at Clonakilla, where he gained valuable experience before taking the reins and steering the winery, under the guidance of Tim Kirk, to the iconic status Clonakilla is renowned for today. Concurrently, he embarked on creating Ravensworth, witnessing the fruition of his efforts with the first harvest from their vineyard in 2005.

Ravensworth underwent partnership changes until 2012 when it transformed into a family venture. Since then, Ravensworth has blossomed into a small business that embraces experimentation, leaning towards pre-industrial techniques, and championing natural biological farming principles.