Daniel Airoldi DipWSET was born in Nérac in South West France before his parents moved to his beloved Bordeaux region, in the town of Blaye, before moving to the famous Pessac district a few years later. 

Daniel’s first choice as a career was as a pastry chef, which saw him travel from France to Ireland and eventually arriving in Australia in 2000.  

In 2009 Daniel decided to leave hospitality behind and focus on his other passion; wine, and especially Bordeaux wines. As such, he decided to move back to France for one year with his wife and daughter to recalibrate his palate and increase his knowledge of his home town’s wines, all the while passing the WSET Level 3. 

Upon his return to Australia in early 2011, Daniel quickly put a plan in motion to establish his own imports company and quickly establishing himself as a Bordeaux specialist amongst his peers.  

Now qualified with the WSET Level 4 Diploma, Daniel has his eyes set on the Master of Wine qualification, while continuing to work in imports and sales serving Australia’s finest restaurants and wine stores.”