Loving to make and grow food means Emily is fortunate to do what she loves for a living.

Since 2008, Emily has been supplying sourdough loaves to the community around Adelaide and the Fleurieu Peninsula. Prior to becoming a baker, she worked in commercial kitchens, wineries and as a cheesemaker.  Each job was firmly rooted in a primary producing region, and with an increasing awareness of how the ingredients being utilised were grown and supplied, and how this affected flavour and quality of the produce.

Now, with husband Chris Duffy, Emily grows identity-preserved grains for stone milling into fresh flour for the breads they sell direct to customers with a Community Supported Bakery system. They are slowly building and celebrating a local grain economy in the region, where this narrative already exists for fruit, vegetables, coffee and wine grape varieties.

Connecting with innovators in farming and research is one of the most exciting elements for Emily in her career, and she is glad to bring the taste of a more sustainable future to the palates of curious bread eaters.