Born in New Zealand, Fraser studied design and became intrigued by the world of wine. After graduating, he worked a vintage in the Barossa Valley, before moving there with his wife in 2006. With a passion for making honest, authentic wines, and a thirst for knowledge, Fraser started managing a section of vines himself, with the guidance of Adrian Hoffman, a fifth-generation Barossa grower. Keen to let nature lead the way, Fraser started farming organically. 

Fast forward to 2022, Fraser is redefining Barossa Valley wine through his label, Sami-Odi. Still working closely with Adrian, Fraser is 100% focused on his label, producing two Shiraz wines each year that have a cult following and saw him named Young Gun of Wine in 2014. His winemaking style is transparent and low intervention, honouring his passion for letting the soil, the season and the grapes guide the wine.  

Fraser’s not just hands-on in the winery – he controls every aspect of the process, from tending the vines and making the wines to creating the labels, bottling the Shiraz and sending them off. This is wine as a pure expression of its maker and the place it’s grown and made.