Gabriel Stengle is a proud Ngarrindjeri, Narungga, Wirangu, and Kaurna woman hailing from the lands of South Australia. Her roots run deep in rich Indigenous cultures, and she is honoured to carry the traditions and stories of her ancestors forward.

Born into a vibrant family of six, Stengle was raised in an environment that celebrated both athleticism and the arts. Her older brother’s passion for AFL and his dedication to the sport were a constant source of inspiration. He instilled in Stengle the values of teamwork, determination, and perseverance that have shaped her journey.

On the artistic side of Stengle’s family tree she is fortunate to have Nana Cecelia O’Loughlin and Uncle Jacob Stengle as her family. Their artistic accomplishments have left a permanent mark on the Aboriginal community and continue to inspire her to explore the depths of creativity.

Stengle’s inspiration extends beyond her family lineage. It flows from the Dreamtime, where ancient stories and wisdom have been passed down through generations.

Her most profound source of motivation and pride, however, lies in four incredible daughters who guide her through life’s challenges and joys. Witnessing their growth and resilience reminds Stengle of the importance of nurturing traditions and culture for generations to come. 

Part restaurant, part art showcase – our new Dining Galleries will feature work by Gabriel Stengle, alongside other South Australian artists Dana Kinter, Alexandra Bellas and Billie Justice Thomson.


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