Arriving in Australia in 2009 to pursue their winemaking studies in Adelaide, Galit Shachaf and her husband, Alex Schulkin, stumbled upon the world of natural wine. The ensuing years have been a journey of curiosity and experimentation spanning South Australia, France, and Israel. Their quest has been to uncover and explore how wine can be crafted thoughtfully, respecting the environment, the land, and the art of winemaking.

Today, in addition to crafting wine in their small shed in the Adelaide Hills under the label The Other Right, Schulkin works as a scientist at the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI), while Shachaf advances her studies in Health Science at the University of South Australia.

Approaching the 10-year milestone, the couple has cultivated close relationships with three grape growers in the Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale. These vineyards adhere to organic practices, with one being NASAA certified organic. The grapes are transformed into wine without any additives, embodying a minimalist philosophy—one ingredient, grapes.

Their winemaking process is best characterized as calculated and proactively lo-fi, with control retained throughout the process. Every step from picking to bottling is done in-house. Their goal is to create wines with finesse and purity, characterized by thoughtfulness and precision.

Beyond their academic pursuits and winemaking, both Schulkin and Shachaf share a passion for running. While he climbs slopes in Cleland National Park, she slowly follows the River Torrens down the plains.