Bjerkan is a Norwegian chef and the founder of Credo Restaurant. She grew up in Trondheim and on her grandfather’s boat in Garten along the Trøndelag coast. Here Bjerkan developed strong connections to the land and sea, still seen in her cooking to this day. Her career within the hospitality industry started when she was 18 during a summer job at Østbanehallen in Oslo. She soon saw her passion and wanted to become a chef: the high tempo in a kitchen fed her natural habit of being restless. Bjerkan was the head chef for the Royal Family of Norway for eight years prior to opening Credo.  

Bjerkan continues to run Credo Restaurant and its sister restaurants – Jossa mat og drikke and Edoramen – at Lilleby in Trondheim. She is passionate about raising awareness of our food systems, improving land use practices and preserving the traditional food cultures of the Trøndelag region. This trailblazer believes farmers are the heroes of our time, and it is their work that should shine above all others.