Kirby Shearing grew up in the Adelaide Hills and is no stranger to hard work and discipline. At the age of 15 he started full-time work at the long-famed Windy Point Restaurant. Once qualified, he left Adelaide and worked in many international kitchens including Michelin-starred and hatted restaurants.  

In 2008 Shearing launched Mayura Station’s The Tasting Room where he oversaw the farm’s restaurant for three years. After this he stayed in the region, settling into the picturesque town of Mt Gambier on the Limestone Coast. Shearing has enjoyed a long association with Tasting Australia, working alongside its festival stars in region and Town Square for many years.

Today, Shearing’s heart and soul lies in the Limestone Coast where he owns and operates Soul Co, a hospitality company comprised of a restaurant, café, bespoke catering and consulting business.   

His newly opened restaurant, Elementary By Soul Co, has been gaining attention for its new age regional dining approach. Food and service heavily leans on the true meaning of hospitality, working with community and surrounds to deliver unique dining experiences. Meanwhile, Shearing’s catering services have been a longtime go-to for premium experiences in the region outside of his bricks and mortar establishment.