Lennox Hastie is fascinated by fire. He is the head chef and co-owner of Firedoor in Sydney, Australia’s only fully wood fuelled restaurant, which offers a dining experience like no other in town.

Born in the UK to a Scottish mother and an Australian father, Lennox spent his early career working at Michelin Star restaurants across the UK, France and Spain, before discovering his love of fire at Asador Etxebarri. Lennox moved to Australia in 2011 and opened Firedoor in 2015 in collaboration with Fink.

Lennox was awarded Citi Chef of the Year at the National Good Food Awards 2020. The restaurant currently holds two-chef hats in the same guide and sits at number 27 on the Australian Gourmet Traveller Top 100 Restaurants. He published Finding Fire in 2017 which has been translated into five languages and appeared on Chef’s Table: BBQ and David Chang’s Ugly Delicious in 2020.