First inspired by watching her mother’s deft hands working in hotel kitchens across Adelaide, Mandy Hall is a fountain of food knowledge in her own right, harbouring a dedicated focus and fascination with fermentation and seasonality in cooking.

After a diagnosis with lupus sparked an interest in food provenance, an off-grid workshop in the heart of Tennessee saw Mandy learn from revolutionary fermentation legend Sandor Katz, cementing a passion for sustainable methods of farming and growing, and championing the benefits of fermentation for the hospitality industry.

A fervent advocate for using fermentation as a tool to reduce food waste and aid food production, Mandy has used her platform as a MasterChef alumna to establish herself as a leader in the field. Hosting workshops for a global community of fermenters and using her relentless passion to develop relationships within every facet of the food industry, Mandy has channelled this zeal toward product and research development, consulting with game-changing brands on how best to support growers, producers and local hospitality, to create a truly seamless journey from paddock to plate.