Rose Kentish describes herself as a flavourist. She has been making wines since 1997 and spirits since 2010. Her wines and spirits have received enthusiastic praise from some of the world’s top drinks critics, along with numerous national awards including AWIW Australian Winemaker of the Year. Kentish continues to make wine in South Australia and France, keeping her love of aroma and flavour tied closely to terroir and provenance. 

In mid-2016 Kentish co-founded the ground-breaking social enterprise Sparkke, and in 2020 released a range of spirits (gin, vodka, liqueur and whisky) under the Full Circle Spirits brand. She carefully and consciously selects botanicals to curate delicious alc and non-alc beverages and allow consumers to enjoy their connection with flavour and aroma.  

Beyond beverages Kentish studied perfumery in the French region of Grasse and releases bespoke perfumes for clients. She and her husband Sam Harrison run a regenerative farm on Kangaroo Island and luxury accommodation Pago Middleton in South Australia.