A chef is like a Hollywood set designer, it’s on you to deliver the whole package -design, music, lights, theatre, magic and then food, you get that right… magic happens!
Saying ‘hello what can I get you’, and ‘thank-you for coming, we appreciate your custom’ matters. I strive everyday to deliver this experience to my customers.
About me, about my food…
Rock’n’Roll, fashion, art all excite me - these creative influences reflect in my style and food.
Food is the vehicle that brings us together, it kick starts conversations and stimulates social interaction.
When it comes to plating up - keep it simple. Provenance and the thinking behind the dish is what makes me tick. The less is more approach is how I roll… every day!
Tradition over trend when cooking… saying that if I stumble across something on trend, then let’s have some fun, and run with it.
I’m referred to (proudly) as a Chef, but we’re closer to being Creative Directors… enough said, see you for dinner!