Born in Moselle, France, Severine Perru studied biology and entomology, before dedicating her professional life to the development of the organic farming network in the Jura. During this time, she built lasting friendships with several winemakers in this emblematic wine region, and beyond, and fell in love with natural wine.

Pursuing her passion, an Advanced Master of Wine Sciences and International Trade took her to New York in 2013. She quickly became the wine director of The Ten Bells, the iconic natural wine bar of NYC.

While there, Perru developed partnerships with international wine fairs, restaurants and bars, organising in special events on site and around the world. From 2017, she combined this with working harvests in both hemispheres and made her first cuvees in France.

She moved to South Australia at the end of 2018, to join her partner Louis Broderick, from Basket Range Wine. Together, they created Bistro Louis Severine in 2019. They release very limited cuvees every year. Perru maintains her Ten Bells position remotely and raises their daughter, Wilhelmina, in the Hills.