Terry Intarakhamhaeng is a Thai Australian chef, with expertise in preparing cuisine from each of the 6 regions of Thailand.

Minimal waste is key to his menu planning, firmly rooted in his years spent preparing food whilst trekking through the jungles of Thailand. With several qualifications in environmental sustainability and a love of bird watching, this one time monk has been a tour guide for international touring companies, an education officer at Australian zoos, and has mentored South Australian youth in the joys of preparing home cooked Thai food.

Intarakhamhaeng's extensive knowledge of Australian native ingredients was honed as one of the team of chefs who set up mentor Jock Zonfrillo’s restaurants Street ADL, and Restaurant Orana.

Intarakhamhaeng is now Executive chef/owner of Adelaide’s celebrated restaurant Soi 38 where he treats ingredients thoughtfully, prepares honest food with conviction, and presents dishes with an undeniable grace that is almost palpable.