Growing up of the Fleurieu Peninsula, Tom was surrounded by food and produce, a lot of which stemmed from Greek Cypriot grandparents and a love for fishing, diving, foraging and growing food from a young age. 

Cooking on the open flame has held a strong focus for Tom after spending time in fire based restaurants, Africola and IGNI, before heading overseas to be immersed in vibrant food cultures and traditions. 

Working under Sam Kamienko at London’s Michelin starred Leroy was a learning experience of simplicity and confidence in the quality of produce and ingredients for Tom. 

After stints at Maos (London) and Relae (Copenhagen), Tom made his way back to Adelaide in 2019 to settle in at the Summertown Aristologist, where the ethos is entirely focussed on sustainability, traceability and organic and seasonal produce, and constantly changing and evolving menus where produce shines and simplicity thrives.