Tom O’Reilly is a brewer & mead maker based in Robe on the Limestone Coast, South Australia.

An interest in all things fermentation began while completing a degree in plant & soil Science at the ANU. Inspired by the ecology of microbes and plants, O’Reilly started brewing beer when discovering how our food systems are just as reliant on relationships with microbes.

Now with over 10 years of experience in the brewing industry, he is the founding brewer at Loophole Brewing, an off-grid brewery situated in Cape Jaffa Wines' biodynamic vineyard at Mount Benson. O’Reilly enjoys the collaboration with the vineyard and winemaking teams, having developed a passion for sour, fruited, and aged styles.

In his spare time, he runs Sunlight Liquor, specializing in small batch, preservative-free mead with a focus on utilizing site-specific honeys & botanicals.