Warren has over forty-three years of winemaking experience – sixteen years as an employee and twenty-seven years steering the ship in his own business.

Since graduating from Adelaide University in Agricultural Science and Charles Sturt University in Wine Science, Warren has experience working for Seppelt Great Western Winery, Andrew Garrett Wines, Tinlins Wines, Wynns Winegrowers, Seaview Champagne Cellars and Lindemans Wines.

During Warren’s seven-year stint at Seppelt Great Western winery – he was responsible for having redefined Australia’s sparkling wine landscape. He was the most awarded Seppelt winemaker, 28 trophies at wine shows one year, then thirty-two the next, with two grand slams in 1985 and 1987 (every sparkling wine show in Australia).

Warren received the ‘Len Evan’s Award in 2015’ for ‘Exemplary Leadership in the Australian Wine Industry’ and recognised as Ernst and Young ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ in 2002. He is also a current ambassador for the South Australian Government (PIRSA) Premium Food and Wine, and has been since 2015.

Warren purchased Seppeltsfield in 2009, and in this time, he has been responsible for the revival – bringing the Seppeltsfield village back to life, restoring the 1888 Gravity Cellar and turning this into a world class tourism destination and fine wine brand.